About Us

Keep your lymph hustle strong

Lymphology Skincare was established in October 2021 by founder Maddie Simone. Since 2012, she has been a certified lymphedema therapist and completed her studies at the Dr. Vodder School International. She leads this company with the utmost passion for helping and supporting those with Lymphedema in honour of her brothers who passed away of a rare aortic condition that causes aortic ruptures and rare cancer. 

The motivation behind this venture is to fulfill needs of patients with Lymphedema and provide access to a product that is entirely Canadian made. It is the first skincare line to launch in Canada with a focus on lymphatic care. 

Lymphology Skincare products have been carefully developed and worked on by a group of chemists out of a facility in Montreal. The ingredients used will produce an end result that harmonizes the skin, keeping it hydrated and balanced, but most importantly supports the lymphatic system. The line is suited for anyone to use, but is tailored to those with poor circulation or with Lymphedema.  

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